Weight Distribution Components
June 30th, 2014
  By Les Narum
  Customer Service Representative at ReeseHitches.com

In our last blog we talked about Weight Distribution Hitches, how they work and the various styles to choose from.  You can review this earlier blog HERE if you want to catch up to today’s discussion.

Today we’re going to touch on the Components you’ll need and some additional parts that may be necessary depending on your situation. 
A Weight Distributing System (WD) is made up of 4 major components.

The Hitch Receiver is physically bolted to the vehicle frame.  At the rear of this component is a receptacle which is where either a ball mount or a shank will slide into. 

The Ball Mount is the component that fits into the receiver that allows your vehicle to tow trailers or attach other accessories like carriers or bike racks.

The Spring Bar Assembly comes in either a Trunnion Spring bar or a Round Spring bar style. These components help to keep the trailer and vehicle aligned in a straight line without sagging.

Sway Control helps to minimize the side to side movement caused by winds or passing semi-trailer trucks.

Here are some other components you may also need depending on your particular circumstances:

A Pole Tongue Adapter is used as a mounting platform for the lift brackets of a weight distribution system when a trailer has a pole or straight tongue instead of an A-frame tongue.

Weight Distribution Shanks can be used in a raised or dropped position.  This component slides into the receiver hitch and is the point at which the weight distribution hitch attaches.

Weight Distribution Chain Hangers are necessary  when you can’t install the snap up brackets due to interference from trailer frame mounted items like a gas bottle, covered frames and batteries.
This gives you a good background when considering a weight distribution system and the components necessary.  We have a great selection of all of these parts and weight distributing hitch systems or you can always give us a call with your questions at 877-509-0719.  We love to talk about anything hitch related. 
Happy Trailering!