Weight Distribution Hitch Setup
July 17th, 2014
  By Les Narum
  Customer Service Representative at ReeseHitches.com

Hi all, Les here today. Bert and I get quite a few calls about weight distribution hitches. We’ve touched on them in previous blogs so today we’ll talk about the basics you’ll need to know if you’re considering using this hitch type.

Simply put, a Weight Distribution Hitch spreads out the tongue weight of the trailer across all four wheels on the vehicle as well as the trailer.  Put another way, not using weight distribution, particularly for heavier loads, can cause the back end of the tow vehicle to dip down and the front end to lift up.  Weight Distribution will give you a more stable, level, safer ride and allow you to tow the maximum capacity allowed by your hitch.


A weight distribution system is important to use if your trailer weight is more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight, if you find it harder to steer or stop, your headlights are pointing up, if you are experiencing trailer sway or if the back end of your vehicle sags when the trailer is attached.

There are many different weight distribution hitch systems with many different features.  Before you choose a hitch system though, you’ll need to determine the size that best fits your particular towing needs.  Weight capacity is the key to determine the correct size.

A weight distribution hitch will have two weight ratings.  The Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) which refers to the weight of a fully loaded trailer and the Tongue Weight (TW) which is the weight of the fully loaded trailer sitting on the hitch ball plus any cargo weight you have in the back of your vehicle that sits over the rear axle.  You’ll need a vehicle scale to determine your GTW.  Be sure that the GTW is less than the weight rating of your weight distribution system.

The TW you can get by using our Tongue Weight Scale.

Having these two weight measurements is important because if you buy a system that is rated too low there is an obvious safety concern.  If you buy a system that is rated too high for your needs it will result in a rigid ride which can cause the trailer to bounce.

We’ve got a huge selection of weight distribution hitch systems.  Give Bert or me a call at 877-509-0719 and we can help you find the system that will best fit your vehicle type and weight capacity.

We’ll talk more about this hitch system in future blogs as we get some great questions from folks like you all the time. 

Happy Trailering!