Ball Mount for Ford Factory Tow Package
July 30th, 2014
  By Bert Camp
  Customer Service Representative at

Hello again.  Bert Camp from Reese Hitches Customer Service team here today.  We have an ongoing series of articles that we hope are helpful to those of you who do various kinds of towing.  My fellow towing expert Les and I offer up what we believe is helpful information on a broad range of towing  related questions that people call us about.  Recently we received a call from a customer that’s related to the Ford OEM factory installed hitch.  We thought it was a good one and something we should share with others who may have the same question.

Question: “How come my ball mount that I purchased for my Ford OEM Hitch has a 2 ½” inside dimension that will not slide into it.  Was I shipped a defective product?”

Answer: Not at all. What happened is that the Ford 2 ½” OEM receivers have a different radius on the inside corners that prevent the use of certain ball mounts. The corners of the 2 ½” OEM Ford hitches are not perfectly squared. They are actually rounded at the inside edges. We’re not sure why Ford designed it this way but there it is.  However, if you are still looking for a ball mount that will fit the Ford OEM hitch, the Rigid Hitch Ball Mounts WILL work for you and are all made right here is the good old USA. 
Got a question related to your hitch?  Give us a call.  Les and I get a lot of calls covering just about everything you can imagine that’s trailer hitch related.  Chances are really good that we’ve got an answer to your question.  If not….we’ll do the research and get back to you.
Happy Trailering!