Trailer Hitch Extension - How to Measure
August 7th, 2014
  By Bert Camp
  Customer Service Representative at

Hi, I’m Bert Camp and I’m one of the Trailer Hitch Extension specialists here at  We take calls every day about everything trailer hitch related. When we hear the same question coming up frequently we like to write it up in our blog as we assume others probably have the same question. Here’s one that came in again this past week that fits the bill.

Question: “I’m looking for an extension so I can tow my trailer.”

Answer: Let me begin by saying that all of the extensions we have on our website at are measured from where it gets pinned into your trailer hitch to the next pin hole Rearward.  Here’s how you measure:

First, determine the inside dimension of your trailer hitch that is mounted to your tow vehicle so you order the extension that correctly fits your receiver.

Next, measure from the center of the hitch pin hole on your trailer hitch going rearward to where you’d like the ball to be. 


Then, measure the ball mount that will be sliding into this extension.  You can measure the length of the ball mount by measuring from the pin hole of the ball mount to the center of the ball hole.


As an example, let’s say you purchased an 18” extension and your ball mount measures 8” in length. That would extend the hitch ball 26” from the pin hole of the hitch to the trailer.  If that is the distance you decided you needed based on the measurements we discussed above, then you’ve got the right extension.

A final important note. Using a Trailer Hitch Extension will reduce the overall capacity of your trailer hitch by half unless you are also using a weight distribution kit.  Make sure you are within weight limits when using the extension as each one has its own capacity by tongue weight and gross trailer weight. 

Still have some questions?  Give me a call at 877-509-0719.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Trailering!