Hitch Mounted Bike Racks
September 30th, 2014
  By Les Narum
  Customer Service Representative at ReeseHitches.com

Hi All.  Les Narum here today.  Today’s discussion is about Hitch Mounted Bike Racks.   Bike riding has gotten to be a really popular activity in the past several years and we’ve seen a big surge in interest about this space saving accessory.  Hitch mounted bike racks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate carrying 1 to 5 bikes.  It’s worth taking a close look at your options to best meet your long term needs before pulling the trigger on a purchase.  Bikes come in all shapes, sizes and materials today.  Here’s a little background on some of the options and accessories to choose from. 
The Rola NV2 Hitch Mounted Carrier comes in a 2 bike model, is lightweight and uses an adjustable cradle system to accommodate a wide range of bike sizes.  This system transports bikes by the wheels, not the frame which makes it easier to adapt to size differences.  This carrier works on all class 1 through Class 4 hitches and fits both a 1 1/4” and 2” receiver.  Transporting a child’s and an adult’s bike?  This might be a system to consider.

Looking for an economical option?  The Erickson Hitch Mount 2 Bicycle Carrier  might just do the trick.  This is a price sensitive option that won’t break the bank.  This system is probably better suited to handle some older bikes, though.  While it will hold bikes securely, it doesn’t have the ability to hold them steady so there may be some sway and perhaps a little bumping of the two bikes.  A nice feature on this carrier is that it tilts to allow easy access to the rear of your vehicle.

If you want a little more security for your bikes, the Swagman XP: Hitch Mount 4-bike Fold-Down Towing Rack has the ability to lock the cradles the individual bikes sit in.  The XP has individually adjustable cushioned rotating cradles which allow your bikes to be carried with the wheels level to the ground which provides greater ground clearance.  The cradles are also “V” shaped to keep bike cables from being crimped.  This system also folds down for greater access to the back end of your vehicle AND can tow a trailer weighing up to 3,000 pounds.

If your family is growing, Swagman also makes a 5 bike option with many of the same features as the model above though this system only fits on a class 3 or 4 hitch.

Looking for a little more stability for your high end carbon road or mountain bikes?  Swagman makes the XTC4  hitch mounted system for 2 or 4 bikes that allows the bikes to set in wheel hoops that easily adjust to various frame sizes.  Frame grip arms have soft, frame-friendly coatings to protect your bike’s finish.  When not in use, the rack folds up for easy storage either on or off the vehicle. 

There are some accessories you might take a look at, too.  The Bike Rack Support Strap is a handy accessory if you want to secure two or more bikes to minimize swaying.
The Ladies or child’s bike adapter gives you the option to have a portable crossbar for easier loading onto your carrier.

We carry these and a lot more options on our website.  We also have all the factory specs on weight loads for all the different brands and styles, how to set them up and even some vides on putting them together.  It’s worth a good look.  Still have some questions about the best option for you?  By all means, give us a call.  We’re here all day and look forward to making a new friend!  Give us a call at 877-509-0719
Until then…happy trailering!
Les Narum
Product Specialist