Under-Bed Prep Packages – Ford, Dodge/Ram and GM
April 15th, 2016
  By Bert Camp
  Customer Service Representative at ReeseHitches.com

In the last several years, all of the U.S. truck manufacturers have introduced an under-bed rail system for fifth wheel hitches. These systems may cause some confusion for those who are unfamiliar with them, especially when you just signed the paperwork on that new $40K+ truck or new trailer.
The easiest way to identify these systems is to look in the bed of the truck and you will see five holes (they might be capped with plugs). The four outer holes are for mounting a fifth wheel hitch and the one in the center is for a drop-in style gooseneck ball.
Let me explain what systems work with what.

Ford -

In 2011, Cequent manufacturing (parent company of Reese) partnered with the Ford Motor Company to make Ford Option Code 53W. This option consisted of two kits - the 30126 rail system and the 30138 head kit. The Ford option code 53W is otherwise known as Elite Series for Reese. It offers a 30” wide x 13” front to back hole spacing (for the fifth wheel) with a gooseneck head in the middle.
This Ford system will work with Elite Series fifth wheel hitches. Those part numbers are 30142 (18K stationary), 30144 (18K slider) and 30871 (26.5K stationary).
If you have an older style fifth wheel and want to use it with this system, you must purchase the R-30156 adapter. This adapter drops directly into the bed and provides four anchor T’s that lock into the under-bed system.  It emulates the standard base rails that you’d typically see in a pick-up truck that is equipped for attaching a conventional fifth wheel hitch.
Once the adpater is locked into place you may use a fifth wheel that offers a 20-5/8” or 29” wide stance x 22” front to back measurement. Bear in mind that you cannot use the old style round tube slider with this system.
This Ford option is being offered in the 2011 and later Ford F-250 & F-350 Super Duty Trucks and may also be purchased from our website, too.  It is known as the Elite series rail system, part number 30126 .
If you have any questions about this system, feel free to ask us at 877-509-0719.

Dodge/RAM -

Dodge/Ram introduced a system similar to the Ford on their 2014 and later Ram 2500 & 2013 and later Ram 3500 models. However, their under-bed hole spacing is completely different from the Ford or Chevrolet.
The hole footprint in those trucks is 39” wide x 30” front to back. This under-bed system is factory installed only and is not currently offered as an aftermarket option, however you may purchase a Reese fifth wheel that will work in conjunction with those OEM under-bed systems. It is part number R-30160 (20K stationary) fifth wheel. Currently, Reese does not offer a slider version for this truck.
If you have a conventional style fifth wheel, you may still use it in this newer truck. Like the adapter I mentioned above for the Ford, Reese does offer one for the Ram, too. It is part number R-30154 .
This adapter will also accept a fifth wheel that offers a 20-5/8” or 29” wide stance x 22” front to back measurement.
If you have any further questions about this Dodge/Ram system, give us a call at 877-509-0719.

Chevrolet/GMC -

Starting in 2016, Chevrolet and GMC 2500 & 3500 models have the option of an under-bed rail system for their trucks. The hole spacing is 27” wide x 20” front to back. Currently there are two adapters, 6194 for short beds and 6206 for long beds, manufactured by Demco, and one fifth wheel, BW-3700, manufactured by B&W, for this new under-bed option. I believe more will be coming very soon.
If your truck is not equipped with this under-bed option from GM, Reese has custom mounting brackets/rails available for those trucks. You may use either 50066-58 (inboard frame bracket kit w/ rails) or 56001-53 (outboard frame bracket kit w/ rails) for standard above bed fifth wheel hitches.
If you want a hidden rail system similar to the OEM option, Reese offers that, too. It is known as the Elite series rail system, part number 30868.  This rail system fits 2011 and later 2500/3500 models. With this system you may use fifth wheel hitch part numbers 30142 (18K stationary), 30144 (18K slider) and 30871 (26.5K stationary).
Like I mentioned before, if you have any questions call us at 877-509-0719.

Happy Trails!