Gooseneck Hitch Installation - Additional Components
June 19th, 2014
  By Les Narum
  Customer Service Representative at

In our last post about installing a Gooseneck Hitch we talked about the various styles and how they work. Today we’re going to talk about the accessories you’ll need for a safe trailering experience.

Brake controllers come in two different styles called proportional and timed. Both versions allow you to apply measured pressure to the trailer brakes and are controlled by the tow vehicle.

Proportional based controls begin applying the trailer’s brakes electronically as soon as the tow vehicle’s brake pedal is engaged for a smooth braking action in virtually any situation.

Timed break controls provide a per-determined amount of power to the trailer brakes that is set beforehand by the driver.  How much power is determined by the weight of the trailer being towed. A delay will always occur when the brakes are engaged but can be adjusted by the driver through the use of a sync switch to adjust the length of the delay. Timed brake controllers are harder on braking systems but are also less expensive and easier to install than proportional brake controllers.

Gooseneck Trailer Wiring Harness: This wiring will vary by vehicle make and model so check out our link above to find the right wire harness for your vehicle. This product will allow an easy connection between your vehicle’s wire harness and the trailer.

We’ve talked about the fact that you need an installation kit to mount your gooseneck hitch and the fact that the kit is used to mount a goosneck above the pickup bed or under the pickup bed, depending on the style you choose. Installation kits are sold separately.

Transmission Cooler: This product can save you a bundle over time. Heavy duty towing creates a lot of damaging heat and tends to cut the life expectancy of a standard cooling system significantly. A transmission cooler adds additional cooling to minimize that additional heat impact.

All of these accessories are essential for a safe towing experience. If you have any questions about any of these accessories feel free to give our guys a call at 877-507-0714. They're pros about everything related to Gooseneck Hitch installation.

Happy Trailering!