Aries Grille Guard Aries
(Aries Part #: AA-4042-2)
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For the conqueror in every truck owner, the Aries grille guard offers the tough, trail-ready look you demand. It begins with a one-piece frame of 1/4 inch thick welded plates and 1 1/2 inch mandrel-bent steel tubing for a solid build. Each one is made with a vehicle-specific design for a better fit, easier install and more secure mounting. The side brush guards are custom-bent to contour to the profile of your vehicle, while the mounting brackets are positioned for a no-drill application. This means pre-existing factory holes are used to ensure optimum fitment and less vibration. The Aries grille guard also makes it easy to customize the look of your vehicle. Not only does the crossbar have two pre-drilled holes for mounting aftermarket LED lights, but many of our grille guards are also available in two finish options -- polished stainless steel or semi-gloss black. The stainless steel grille guard is made with 304 stainless, being high in nickel content and truly resistant to rust and corrosion. This finish option comes with a mirror-like polished finish for a definitive shine. The semi-gloss black grille guard is made with high-strength carbon steel for added strength. It features a tough black powder coat finish to protect against rust, scratches and the elements. All grille guards also come with rubber stripping along the risers to protect the frame against scuffs and scratches. Whatever terrain you choose to conquer, we dare you to conquer it with the Aries grille guard.

  • See "Vehicle" tab above for the complete list of vehicles that this product is designed to fit.
  • Grille guard may interfere with forward-facing cameras or sensors


Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE


  • One-piece, 1 1/2" diameter, heavy-wall tube design
  • 304 stainless steel construction to be strong and truly rust-resistant
  • Mirror-like polished stainless steel finish for a bright, clean accent
  • Two pre-drilled holes in the crossbar for mounting LED light bars or work lights
  • Removable headlight cages for extra protection and a customizable look
  • Vertical rubber stripping along the risers to help maintain a clean finish
  • No-drill, vehicle-specific application for a custom fit
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Includes grille guard and mounting hardware
Installation Instructions CLICK HERE


ARIES is a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck, Jeep, SUV and CUV accessories. From automotive enthusiasts to professional builders, our products are built for the champions of individualism, innovation and attitude.

We offer the perfect combination of unique style and durable construction, specializing in custom-fit grille guards, bull bars, side bars and running boards, as well as Jeep Wrangler accessories.

ARIES products are made vehicle-specific for a custom fit, and they are available for a wide variety of makes and models sold in North America.

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1993ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1993ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1993ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1993ChevroletK3500 PickupALL
1993GMCC1500 Pickup
1993GMCC2500 Pickup
1993GMCC3500 Pickup
1993GMCK1500 Pickup
1993GMCK2500 Pickup
1993GMCK3500 PickupALL
1994ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1994ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1994ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1994ChevroletK3500 PickupALL
1994GMCC1500 Pickup
1994GMCC2500 Pickup
1994GMCC3500 Pickup
1994GMCK1500 Pickup
1994GMCK2500 Pickup
1994GMCK3500 PickupALL
1995ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1995ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1995ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1995ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1995GMCC1500 Pickup
1995GMCC2500 Pickup
1995GMCC3500 Pickup
1995GMCK1500 Pickup
1995GMCK2500 Pickup
1995GMCK3500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1996ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1996ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1996GMCC1500 Pickup
1996GMCC2500 Pickup
1996GMCC3500 Pickup
1996GMCK1500 Pickup
1996GMCK2500 Pickup
1996GMCK3500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1997ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1997ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1997GMCC1500 Pickup
1997GMCC2500 Pickup
1997GMCC3500 Pickup
1997GMCK1500 Pickup
1997GMCK2500 Pickup
1997GMCK3500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC1500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC2500 Pickup
1998ChevroletC3500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK1500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK2500 Pickup
1998ChevroletK3500 Pickup
1998GMCC1500 Pickup
1998GMCC2500 Pickup
1998GMCC3500 Pickup
1998GMCK1500 Pickup
1998GMCK2500 Pickup
1998GMCK3500 Pickup