Aries Removable Universal Mud Flaps Aries
(Aries Part #: AA-AR111900)
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When you want your truck to be the perfect combination of civilized class and off-road-style fun, Aries removable mud flaps are the accessory of choice. They allow you to transform your truck, SUV or Jeep from road-worthy to off-road-ready and back again in seconds because they feature a unique removable design. Rather than permanently bolting onto your vehicle's frame, Aries mud flaps have a quick-release, pull-pin removal system that allows them to be uninstalled from your vehicle in mere seconds. If you're heading out to the trail, the mud flaps can quickly be attached, using the simple retainer pin, to convert your truck of Jeep for the off-road. When it's time to get back to civilization, the quick-release system allows them to be detached and stored at a moment's notice. Aries removable mud flaps come with 12 inch x 18 inch or 18 inch x 18 inch flaps and can be mounted on virtually any truck or SUV. The mounting brackets are made to be universal and can be attached directly to the frame of the vehicle with just four bolts. For the Jeep Wrangler JK, no drilling is required during installation, and the brackets mount onto the frame using the existing factory bumper hardware. To match the unique tire width and wheel offset of your vehicle, Aries mud flaps include a 22 inch hanger that can be trimmed to any length, and the bolt holes are slotted to allow for fine adjustment. Aries removable mud flaps are also made to take a beating. The hangers and mounting brackets are constructed from high-strength carbon steel and are finished in a durable semi-gloss black powder coat finish to resist rust, grime, wear and tear. The flap itself is made from 3/8 inch thick black rubber to withstand heavy abrasions and shed water with ease. Whether you count yourself king of the asphalt jungle or lord of all dirt-road creation, add a little beef to your truck's behind with Aries removable universal mud flaps.


    Length12 inches wide by 18 inches long
    Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE
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    • Quick-release, pull-pin removal system for a use-as-needed design
    • Universal brackets with multiple mounting holes fit a variety of vehicles
    • No drilling required on Jeep Wrangler JK
    • 22" hanger can be cut to match different tire offsets
    • 3/8" thick rubber flaps withstand heavy abrasions and shed water with ease
    • High-strength steel brackets feature a durable black powder coat finish
    • One-year warranty
    Installation Instructions CLICK HERE


    ARIES is a fast-paced marketer and innovator of truck, Jeep, SUV and CUV accessories. From automotive enthusiasts to professional builders, our products are built for the champions of individualism, innovation and attitude.

    We offer the perfect combination of unique style and durable construction, specializing in custom-fit grille guards, bull bars, side bars and running boards, as well as Jeep Wrangler accessories.

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