Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Agri-Cover
(Agri-Cover Part #: 42199)
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Access® Lorado® Soft Tonneau Covers offer the same quality components, easy to install applications and simple operation as the respected Access® Roll-Up Covers but with a low-profile design that complements the sleek contours of your truck. This soft tonneau cover sits one inch above the truck bed. The Access Lorado Tonneau Cover comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty and will accommodate bed rails, under rail bed liners, tie downs, bed caps and tailgate protectors. In just 3 years of ownership the Access Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover pays for itself by improving gas mileage by up to 10%! If you're looking for a high quality, soft, durable low profile truck bed cover, the Access Lorado Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is a great choice, combining all of the convenience and benefits of soft truck bed covers in a stylish, low-profile design.

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Made In:USA


  • Patented Autolatch™ II releases both locks simultaniously by pulling on synthetic cord from either side.
  • Heavy duty nylon latches provide a half inch of surface for solid, positive latch engagement.
  • Easy grip XT-Dial™ enables direct tension control for fine tuning the cover with the turn of a dial. No tools - No hassle.
  • Durable nylon straps secure the rolled up cover and cab guard design prevents the tonneau cover from rubbing the cab.
  • Hook and loop system provides a high strength seal running the full length of the truck bed.
  • Tight Bite™ Clamp - Easily installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut teeth maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Not Included:

  • EZ-Triever® Cargo Reaching Tool - 50710
  • TrailSeal Tailgate Gasket 30946


Agri-Cover, Inc. was established in 1981 as a grain truck cover manufacturer. Over the next 10 years, we introduced the SRT™-2 Spool Roll Tarp and the EZ-LOC® Roll-Up Tarp. Since then we've expanded our Agri-Cover® Roll Tarp line to include the all new AutoLock™ Electric Tarp.

In 1991, we added to our product line with the introduction of the revolutionary Access® Roll-Up Cover. The first of its kind, this product is the #1 selling roll-up tonneau in North America. We later introduced additional roll-up truck bed covers, including the popular LiteRider®, Lorado®, Vanish® and TonnoSport®.

In 2000, we introduced the SnowSport® Utility Plow. SnowSport® Snow Plows are the most user-friendly and affordable snow plows on the market today. In 2003, it was awarded the prestigious GM Best New Product Design Award.

Our products have a distinct advantage separating them from the competition. Patented and innovative designs, a wide range of special features, ease of operation and our industry-leading warranties provide years of service and confidence to our customers. Our products are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship. Look for our distinct features on each product and see the difference. For more information, product updates or to become a certified dealer call us toll free at (866) 414-5422.

Agri-Cover, Inc. is located near Jamestown, ND and has been recognized with the North Dakota Business and Industrial Development Award, Occupational Safety Merit Award, Safety Achievement Award, and the Jamestown Business of the Year Award.

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

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2003ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
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2003ChevroletSilverado 35006.5 Ft. Bed
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2003GMCSierra 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2003GMCSierra 25006.5 Ft. Bed
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2003GMCSierra 35006.5 Ft. Bed
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2004ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
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2004ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2004ChevroletSilverado 35006.5 Ft. Bed
2004GMCSierra 15006.5 Ft. Bed
2004GMCSierra 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2004GMCSierra 25006.5 Ft. Bed
2004GMCSierra 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2004GMCSierra 35006.5 Ft. Bed
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2005ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2005ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2005ChevroletSilverado 35006.5 Ft. Bed
2005GMCSierra 15006.5 Ft. Bed
2005GMCSierra 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2005GMCSierra 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2005GMCSierra 35006.5 Ft. Bed
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2006ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2006ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2006ChevroletSilverado 35006.5 Ft. Bed
2006GMCSierra 15006.5 Ft. Bed
2006GMCSierra 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2006GMCSierra 2500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2006GMCSierra 35006.5 Ft. Bed
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2007GMCSierra 1500Classic Body Style - 6.5 Ft. Bed
2007GMCSierra 1500 HD6.5 Ft. Bed
2007GMCSierra 2500 HDClassic Body Style - 6.5 Ft. Bed
2007GMCSierra 3500Classic Body Style - 6.5 Ft. Bed