Sumo Springs® Front Suspension Stabilizers SuperSprings
(SuperSprings Part #: CSS-1168)
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Sumo Springs are proprietary suspension products designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway and improve overall driver control and comfort. Manufactured from closed microcellular urethane which yields a combination of uniquely distinctive properties.

  • All applications shown above on the Fits These Vehicles tab are for installation on the FRONT coil springs of those vehicles.
  • Per the manufacturer: Do not exceed the maximum load capacity that is recommended by the vehicles manufacturer (GVWR)


Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE
Made In:USA


  • Will compress up to 80 percent of their original height with full memory rebound
  • Provides progressive load control; easier initial compress allowing softer engagement; greater resistance with heavier loads
  • Will never leak and cause loss of performance
  • Minimal lateral expansion under load allowing for operation in confined spaces
  • Highly resistant to oils, salts and UV rays
  • Will perform within temperature range of -25°F to 200°F
  • 100 percent manufactured in the USA
Installation Instructions CLICK HERE

SuperSprings International, Inc.

Founded in 1996, SuperSprings International, Inc. has developed a patented line of suspension products that solve many of the handing problems associated with loads carried by passenger vans, pickup trucks, minivans, and SUV's.

The first product developed was SuperSprings; self adjusting leaf suspension stabilizers which provide users extra loading and towing capacity and prevent rear-end sag without hardening the ride. Initially developed for the compact truck market the product range now includes SuperSprings applications up to and including class 5 (19,500 GVWR) work trucks as well as vans and motor homes.

Our SuperCoils line of enhanced, heavy duty coil springs was added to address the same sagging issues for trucks and vans with coil spring suspensions.

Our SuperKey line of torsion keys was added to provide customers with up to 2" of front end lift without changing the ride on their trucks and vans equipped with front torsion bar suspensions.

Our SuperSway-Stops were developed specifically for customers with airbags installed who wished to reduce their side-to-side body roll issues. A quick and simple bolt-on application, they allow the factory overload springs to better interact with the frame mounted snubbers as designed.

Our front SumoSprings were developed specifically to address snow plow, winch and heavy duty replacement bumper applications and permit a smooth engagement when both loaded and unloaded.

Our patented rear SumoSprings were developed as an "airless airbag" application for trucks and vans carrying a variety of loads. The microcellular foam material creates a leak proof and maintanance free option for customers. Our goal has always been to provide outstanding products coupled with exceptional customer service.

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

1997JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
1998JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
1999JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2000JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2001DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2001JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2002DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2002JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2003DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2003JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2004DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2004JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2005DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2005JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2006DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2006JeepWranglerTJ - 4 Wheel Drive
2007ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2007ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2007ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2007ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2007ChevroletSilverado 1500
2007DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2007GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2007GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2007GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2007GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2007GMCSierra 1500
2007JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2008ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2008ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2008ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2008ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2008ChevroletSilverado 1500
2008DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2008GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2008GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2008GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2008GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2008GMCSierra 1500
2008JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2009ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2009ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2009ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2009ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2009ChevroletSilverado 1500
2009DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2009GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2009GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2009GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2009GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2009GMCSierra 1500
2009JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2010ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2010ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2010ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2010ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2010ChevroletSilverado 1500
2010DodgeRAM 15004 Wheel Drive
2010GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2010GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2010GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2010GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2010GMCSierra 1500
2010JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2011ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2011ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2011ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2011ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2011ChevroletSilverado 1500
2011DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2011GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2011GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2011GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2011GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2011GMCSierra 1500
2011JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2011Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2012ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2012ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2012ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2012ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2012ChevroletSilverado 1500
2012DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2012GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2012GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2012GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2012GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2012GMCSierra 1500
2012JeepWranglerJK - 4 WD with Coil Springs
2012Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2013ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2013ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2013ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2013ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2013ChevroletSilverado 1500
2013DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2013GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2013GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2013GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2013GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2013GMCSierra 1500
2013Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2014ChevroletExpress Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2014ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2014ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2014ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2014ChevroletSilverado 1500
2014DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2014GMCSavana Van1500 2 Wheel Drive
2014GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2014GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2014GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2014GMCSierra 1500
2014Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2015ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2015ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2015ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2015ChevroletSilverado 1500
2015DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2015FordTransit 350Except Cab and Chassis or Cutaway
2015GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2015GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2015GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2015GMCSierra 1500
2015Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2016ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2016ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2016ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2016ChevroletSilverado 1500
2016DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2016GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2016GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2016GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2016GMCSierra 1500
2016Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2017ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2017ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2017ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2017ChevroletSilverado 1500
2017DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2017GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2017GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2017GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2017GMCSierra 1500
2017Ram15004 Wheel Drive
2018ChevroletExpress Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2018ChevroletExpress Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2018ChevroletExpress Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2018ChevroletSilverado 1500
2018DodgeRam 15004 Wheel Drive
2018GMCSavana Van2500 2 Wheel Drive
2018GMCSavana Van3500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2018GMCSavana Van4500 - 2 Wheel Drive
2018GMCSierra 1500
2018Ram15004 Wheel Drive