Timbren Suspension Enhancement System® - Front Axle Timbren
(Timbren Part #: GMFAST)
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The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System is designed to enhance a vehicle's empty ride quality while providing protection against overloading. The cushions absorb road shock while automatically adjusting to uneven loads and rough road conditions.

Easy install - No holes to drill, or airlines to route. "S.E.S" kits typically install in less than 30 minutes with the use of basic tools. See installation instructions link below for more information.

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Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE


  • Reduces sway - adds roll stability
  • Excellent for snow plow use
  • Eliminates suspension sag
Installation Instructions CLICK HERE


Timbren Industries is a dynamic corporation producing Aeon® Hollow Rubber Springs. Since 1968, they have been producing quality ride control products and suspensions. Utilizing the latest technology, Timbren uses computer-assisted design and manufacturing processes to produce quality ride control products for today's market. Timbren is registered ISO9001:2000. These ISO standards ensure that consumers will always receive quality products from Timbren.

Timbren's core product, the Aeon Hollow Rubber Spring, is world-renowned for an efficient, reliable suspension system. Many manufacturers, including Bombardier, Mack and Kenworth, directly utilize Timbren kits in their commercial products. Many other fleets, modifiers and converters install the Aeon spring as a supplementary suspension for their vehicles.

With 40 years experience manufacturing Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs, Timbren Industries is prepared to meet your needs. They offer the best quality and reliability in rubber suspension products. For all your suspension demands, choose Timbren's Aeon springs.

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

1985ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1985GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1986ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1986GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1987ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1987GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1988ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1988GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1989ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1989GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1990ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1990GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1991ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1991GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1992ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1992GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1993ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1993GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1994ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1994GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1995ChevroletAstroWith Composite Rear Springs
1995GMCSafariWith Composite Rear Springs
1996ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1996GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1997ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1997GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1998ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1998GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1999ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
1999GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2000ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2000GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2001ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2001GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2002ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2002GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2003ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2003GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2004ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2004GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2005ChevroletAstro2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs
2005GMCSafari2 WD - With Steel Rear Springs