Air Lift® Ride Control™ Adjustable Air Ride Kit - Front Air Lift
(Air Lift Part #: AL-59512)
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Ride Control air spring kits fit popular leaf sprung vehicles, such as 1/2 ton and mini pick up trucks, full-size, mini-vans and SUVs. Ride Control air springs provide up to 2,000 pounds of leveling capacity* - never exceed manufacturer's recommended gross vehicle weight rating.

Air lift air springs work with your existing suspension to give your vehicle more leveling support when you need it, so your vehicle is always level and stable. Proper weight distribution to all tires means more safety and a more comfortable ride as well. This results in: Improved braking and steering, less sway, less bottoming out, headlight aim, less porpoising and even tire wear.

Air lift Ride Control kits can be easily inflated/deflated on-the-go. For convenient air spring control at the touch of a button add a Air lift on-board compressor system.

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Made In:USA
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  • Lifetime Warranty
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  • No-Risk 60 Day Ride Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Quick connecting, easy-to-use fittings
  • Can be filled manually with no need of on-board compressor
  • Installation time: under two hours
  • Ride Control air spings are fully adjustable from 5 to 100 psi
  • Frame drilling is required for the installation
  • This kit works with ALL Air Lift brand compressor kits
  • warningCALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Two air springs, air lines, schrader valve and hardware

Not Included:

Installation Instructions CLICK HERE

Air Lift - Air Suspension Specialists Since 1949

Air Lift Company is a manufacturer of air suspension kits (also called air bag suspension) providing the ultimate air ride for towing and hauling with safety and comfort. Air spring kits provide increased support while towing or hauling heavy loads. Our air bag suspension kits work with existing leaf or coil suspension systems to provide a safe, stable and comfortable air ride. Air Lift's air suspension kits include everything needed to fully and easily install, including the air springs, brackets, fittings and air line. Add an Air Lift on-board air compressor system to inflate and deflate your air helper springs with the touch of a button from inside or outside of the vehicle. Only Air Lift's Lifetime Warranty covers the entire contents of the kit, not just the air springs (also called air bags). We also offer an industry-exclusive 60 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on our air helper spring kits and compressor systems.

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

1973ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1973ChevroletK10 Pickup
1973ChevroletK20 Pickup
1973ChevroletK30 Pickup
1973ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1973GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1973GMCK15 Pickup
1973GMCK25 Pickup
1973GMCK35 Pickup
1973GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1974ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1974ChevroletK10 Pickup
1974ChevroletK20 Pickup
1974ChevroletK30 Pickup
1974ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1974GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1974GMCK15 Pickup
1974GMCK25 Pickup
1974GMCK35 Pickup
1974GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1975ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1975ChevroletK10 Pickup
1975ChevroletK20 Pickup
1975ChevroletK30 Pickup
1975ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1975GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1975GMCK15 Pickup
1975GMCK25 Pickup
1975GMCK35 Pickup
1975GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1976ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1976ChevroletK10 Pickup
1976ChevroletK20 Pickup
1976ChevroletK30 Pickup
1976ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1976GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1976GMCK15 Pickup
1976GMCK25 Pickup
1976GMCK35 Pickup
1976GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1977ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1977ChevroletK10 Pickup
1977ChevroletK20 Pickup
1977ChevroletK30 Pickup
1977ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1977GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1977GMCK15 Pickup
1977GMCK25 Pickup
1977GMCK35 Pickup
1977GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1978ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1978ChevroletK10 Pickup
1978ChevroletK20 Pickup
1978ChevroletK30 Pickup
1978ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1978GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1978GMCK15 Pickup
1978GMCK25 Pickup
1978GMCK35 Pickup
1978GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1979ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1979ChevroletK10 Pickup
1979ChevroletK20 Pickup
1979ChevroletK30 Pickup
1979ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1979GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1979GMCK15 Pickup
1979GMCK25 Pickup
1979GMCK35 Pickup
1979GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1980ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1980ChevroletK10 Pickup
1980ChevroletK20 Pickup
1980ChevroletK30 Pickup
1980ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1980GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1980GMCK15 Pickup
1980GMCK25 Pickup
1980GMCK35 Pickup
1980GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1981ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1981ChevroletK10 Pickup
1981ChevroletK20 Pickup
1981ChevroletK30 Pickup
1981ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1981GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1981GMCK15 Pickup
1981GMCK25 Pickup
1981GMCK35 Pickup
1981GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1982ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1982ChevroletK10 Pickup
1982ChevroletK20 Pickup
1982ChevroletK30 Pickup
1982ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1982GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1982GMCK15 Pickup
1982GMCK25 Pickup
1982GMCK35 Pickup
1982GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1983ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1983ChevroletK10 Pickup
1983ChevroletK20 Pickup
1983ChevroletK30 Pickup
1983ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1983GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1983GMCK15 Pickup
1983GMCK25 Pickup
1983GMCK35 Pickup
1983GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1984ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1984ChevroletK10 Pickup
1984ChevroletK20 Pickup
1984ChevroletK30 Pickup
1984ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1984GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1984GMCK15 Pickup
1984GMCK25 Pickup
1984GMCK35 Pickup
1984GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1985ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1985ChevroletK10 Pickup
1985ChevroletK20 Pickup
1985ChevroletK30 Pickup
1985ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1985GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1985GMCK15 Pickup
1985GMCK25 Pickup
1985GMCK35 Pickup
1985GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1986ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1986ChevroletK10 Pickup
1986ChevroletK20 Pickup
1986ChevroletK30 Pickup
1986ChevroletSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1986GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1986GMCK15 Pickup
1986GMCK25 Pickup
1986GMCK35 Pickup
1986GMCSuburban4 Wheel Drive
1987ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1987GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1988ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1988GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1989ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1989GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1990ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1990GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1991ChevroletBlazerFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive
1991GMCJimmyFull Size - 4 Wheel Drive