DMI Quic-Cush'n Installation Kit DMI
(DMI Part #: 47073090)
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Quic-Cush'n 2 Installation Kits are used to attach the Quic-Cush'n 2 Hitch and Bumper Face Channel to your specific vehicle. The perfect complement for your hard-working truck.

This product requires the purchase of a Bumper Face Channel AND a Hitch. Both items must be ordered separately. Bumper Face Channels are available in White, Silver or Chrome. The Quic-Cush'n 2 Hitch features a 1 inch thick drawbar that extends 11 inches and swings 17 inches for easy, one person hookups.

  • Note: Spare tire must be removed and relocated when hitch is installed.


FinishBlack Powder Coat
Installation InstructionsCLICK HERE
Made In:USA


  • Smooth, cushioned towing
  • Meets Class V towing standards
  • Limits stress on bumper, truck and driver
  • Heavy steel construction - built to last


  • Hardware kit

Not Included:

  • Bumper Face Channel
  • Quic-Cush'n 2 Hitch
Installation Instructions CLICK HERE


Located in Bluffton, Indiana, United Truck Parts manufactures the DMI hitch and other products with the same dedication to quality and rugged strength that has come to be expected of the DMI hitch. All fabrication, welding, and assembly is completed in the USA.

For over three decades DMI hitches have been meeting the most demanding requirements that our customers have asked. Most commonly used in rigorous agricultural applications, the DMI hitches are also popular with contractors and recreational users because of the unique combination of benefits. Besides offering 14,000 lbs towing capacity (weight carrying) and a durability which often lasts longer than your truck, DMI's huge hookup window and coil-spring cushioned ride undoubtedly delivers the best towing experience you will ever have!

The above information has been provided by the Manufacturer, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof or endorse the opinions expressed.

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