Bearing Buddy Stainless Steel Bearing Protectors with Bras - Pair - 1.980" Diameter

Bearing Buddy

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Bearing Buddy® Stainless Steel Bearing Protectors With Bras - Pair - 1.980" Diameter

Product Details

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors provide protection against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings and make lubricating bearings a snap. Also includes a pair of bras.

  • Please see measurement instructions (secondary picture) to confirm correct sizing
  • Stainless steel construction inside and out
  • Prevents wheel bearing failure on boat, snowmobile, ATV, horse, RV and utility trailers
  • Eliminates bearing repacking
  • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
  • Grease level easily checked
  • Proven in use for over 35 years and billions of miles of service
  • Easy to install


Brand Bearing Buddy
Diameter 1.980 inch (Slightly under 2 inch)
Finish Stainless Steel