Bearing Buddy (4) 2.441" Chrome for Boat Trailer with Protective Bra - Wheel Center Caps 2441 (2 Pairs)

Bearing Buddy

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Buddy Bearings - Chrome w/ Protective Bra and Cap - 2.441 Inch - 2 Pair

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Bearing Buddys premium quality chrome protectors are real easy to install and give perfect grip and cover with continuously enhanced lubrication to save you peace of mind while on road or in water.

Bearing Buddies for Boat Trailers

Trailering, even a short distance, heats the hubs. When the wheels are submerged during launching, the hubs suddenly cool, and the air inside the unprotected hubs contracts, forming a vacuum which draws in water through the rear seals. There is no such thing as a rotating seal that stays perfect. Water and grit thus drawn into the hubs relentlessly destroy bearings. When properly installed and maintained, marine Bearing Buddy prevents wheel bearing system failure and eliminates bearing repacking. Boat trailer wheels can be completely submerged.

Utility Equipment, ATV, Horse, Camping, and Other Occasional used Trailers

These trailers, because they are not used regularly, are also subject to bearing corrosion and failure from condensation moisture from air sucked into hot hubs as they cool. Moisture stays in the hubs causing rust and pitting until they are reheated when the trailer is used again.

On any vehicle, protecting your wheel bearings from dirt, dust, water, salt, sand, and other contaminants is critical, so when it comes to using grease caps, you don't have much of a choice. That's their job. You either use them and your wheel bearings will remain useful, or you don't, and your wheel bearings wear out in a hurry.

  • BE SAFE AND PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT If your trailers are used in a saltwater environment or you have to drive a lot on the highway, these buddy bearings for trailers are essential for protecting the bearings; Changing bearings is always a pain and these buddies are cheap but great insurance of your investment; No more taking the bearings out every year to pack
  • EASY TO INSTALL These bearing buddies are very easy and simple to install on your bearings; Its real easy and quick and no mess in filling them up with grease gun; You can monitor the grease level anytime by simply taking the cap off; With such a painless effort comes the special protection for your bearings
  • FIRM GRIP The Bearing Buddy dust caps come in various sizes; Just choose the perfect size and model for your wheel covers and it would fit nice and tight on your bearings and would not fell off for miles; These bearing buddies will help save you from serious mechanical problems; A long-lasting and economical solution for your bearings protection
  • MAINTAINED AND ENHANCED LUBRICATION The Bearing Buddies keep the pressure on the grease inside the bearings preventing water and dust from getting in; Spring-loaded piston exerts a slight pressure of 3psi against the grease which maintains a slight pressure between the inside of the hub and the outside environment; An automatic pressure relief feature prevents over-filling and over-pressurization.
  • PEACE OF MIND Bearing Buddys quality speak for themselves; If used and serviced properly, your bearings would last 2 to 3 times as long as they would without the buddies; Forget about the bearing overheating and failure along the highway somewhere; Save yourself the hassle and order these premium quality bearings now, better safe than sorry


Brand Bearing Buddy
Diameter 2.441 inch (Approx. 2-7/16 inch)