Bearing Buddy Spindle Seals - Pair

Bearing Buddy

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Bearing Buddy® Spindle Seals

Product Details

Spindle Seal is for use with Bearing Buddy on trailers with brakes or as replacement seals. The Spindle Seal System eliminates excessive grease leakage caused by rough sealing surfaces, which will quickly destroy any seal. With the Spindle Seal System, high-quality neoprene seals ride on a smooth stainless steel surface constantly greased by the action of Bearing Buddy, which prolongs the life of the seals.

  • Use this kit only if inner bearing number is L-44649
  • Use with Bearing Buddy numbers
    1980 (B-42102), 1980A (B-42202) or 1980-SS (B-42104)
  • Kit includes seals, o-rings and stainless steel seal rings for two wheels


Brand Bearing Buddy
Diameter 1.980 inch (Slightly under 2 inch)