CURT 5th Wheel Hitch Lock


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CURT 5th Wheel Hitch Lock

Product Details

For maximum security on your 5th wheel hitch and 5th wheel trailer, the CURT 5th wheel hitch lock #23256 is a highly specialized lock. It is designed and constructed with two key components: an extended pin and a reduced-clearance body shape. These two features make the CURT 5th wheel hitch lock unlike any other hitch lock and ultimately make it the ideal solution for locking down your 5th wheel hitch.

The 5th wheel hitch lock installs by inserting through the base rail and 5th wheel leg anchor, replacing one of the pins securing the 5th wheel hitch. Unlike a standard hitch pin, the extra-long pin design allows it to pass through the rail and out the other side with plenty of clearance. It is able to fit any industry-standard 5th wheel rail, featuring a 1/2" diameter.

The CURT 5th wheel hitch lock also features a unique shape. Unlike common hitch lock heads, the 5th wheel lock is designed to install flush against the base rail and truck bed floor without obstruction. It slides into place against the base rail, and its "impenetrable" design is intended to maintain a low profile and deter tampering and theft.

The CURT 5th wheel lock #23256 operates with a 1/8-turn key activation, allowing you to easily unlock it from the side of the truck bed without difficulty. The lock is built to withstand the elements, featuring powder-coated aluminum construction for maximum corrosion resistance. The internal components are also protected with a weather-resistant dust cap to help maintain long-lasting operation.

  • Locks a 5th wheel hitch into the rails, taking the place of a pin & clip
  • Extra-long 1/2" diameter pin fits all industry-standard base rails
  • Sleek, "impenetrable" design for maximum security
  • Rust-free aluminum housing with a durable black powder coat finish
  • Weather-resistant dust cap helps prevent internal corrosion
  • Easy-to-operate, 1/8-turn lock activation


Brand Curt
Diameter 1/2 inch
Fits Standard Base rails
Length 3 inch